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Code of Conduct
All persons are responsible for the Kill Faction Code of Conduct whether they have read it or not. All content is subject to change without notice.

Section 1 - Respect
- All personel of KF will treat each other with proper respect and kindness that they themselves would expect.
- Racist, sexist, or any hurtful remarks based on a person's lifestyle will not be tolerated.
- KF personel should treat every nonmember as a new recruit.
- Disrespect towards another clan member, official or not, will not be tolerated.
- Keep all offensive language to a minimum.

Section 2 - Loyalty
- No personel of KF is allowed to be a part of another clan, team, community, or organization unless with proper authorization from High Command.
- No personel will jump to conclusions unless consulting with proper authority.
- All personel will listen to their superiors.

Section 3 - Honor
- No personel of KF will leave a losing game unless for proper reasons.
- KF does not under any circumstance promote glitching, cheating, or hacking.
- No personel will get into a fight with other non members or the opposing team.
- Do not put your rank higher than it actually is.
- All personnel will represent KF in a positive way.
- T-Bagging is acceptable in certain situations, but remember who you are representing when doing it.

Section 4 - Member Activity
- KF personel are expected to be active on both the website and Xbox Live.
- KF personel must log into the website and Xbox every 3 days to be considered an active member.
- Members who will be inactive for a period of time must fill out a Leave of Absense.
- Inactive personel will be demoted or discharged if continued.

Section 5 - Discipline
- Never interupt a KF member when they are speaking.
- Failure to follow orders will result in disciplinary action.
- Never ask for a promotion.
- No KF official will abuse their power and/or authority.
- Remain professional at all times.

Section 6 - Forum/Website Rules
- Use proper grammar and spelling as much as possible.
- Any pornographic material of any kind will lead to immediate discharge.
- Make sure your new topics are put in the correct forum.
- Do not advertise for other websites, however you may provide a link to a webpage that could be interesting for everyone.
- Do not spam the website forums, private messages, or shout box.
- All topics should have some point of revelency or point to be made.
- This is the KF home, treat it properly.
December 2017
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